Pride and Joy Inbound

Pride in Joy In bound: For Young Mom and child
Pride and Joy is a channel designed to accommodate mother bearing one child under the age of five. Addressing issues related to teen parenting while accompanying them with basic day to day living needs for both mother and child in a safe loving environment. The care of the child is primarily the young mother’s responsibility but our caring staff is available at all times to assist young mothers in the proper care of their Pride and Joy. Education is the key, and is first on our list to aid with a promising future. All young mothers are guided to fulfill their general education requirements with maturing to individualized goals by enrolling in college or post-secondary education. Lean on Us Unity offers in house evidence based curriculums that involve issues such as Personal development, Post-Partum depression, Nutrition, build self-esteem and pride, promote economic self-reliance, prevention of repeat pregnancy out of wedlock, nurture and reestablish family relationships and help young mothers function at their full potential. Our program is designed to equip them to be self-sufficient positive assets to our future society.