HOF Programs

Lean On Us Unity is a therapeutic facility designed to provide a healthy nurturing home to young ladies ages 12-23 who are pregnant and young ladies ages 12-23. Our program is not to promote teen pregnancy but to allow the young ladies to look beyond the parenting decision. We often found that most young ladies give up after pregnancy losing their sense of understanding with the lack of motivation, guidance, and self-esteem to move forward towards a healthy life style for them and their baby.

Our program addresses issues related to pregnancy such as sexual abuse, rape, social behaviors, family crisis, societal problems, abandonment and homelessness. We will provide structure with expectations to challenge each resident to take responsibility for their actions. This will expose them to areas of growth and the change needed to ensure future positive transformation promoting positive and responsible behavior.


Program Components LOUU-HOF has three major program components:
The Inbound Program (Transitional Housing)
The Outbound Program (Community Partnerships)
The Mentoring Program (Professional Partnerships)