Lean On Us Unity (LOUU) was originally formed in July 2012 as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), based in Springfield, Virginia, with the idea that a transitional housing facility (Inbound Program) would be developed to primarily serve pregnant teens who were in the foster care system.

The original plan was to establish service contracts with Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) in Washington, DC and the Department of Social Services (DSS) in Northern Virginia to aid in transitioning these girls—an often overlooked population. However, after carefully studying teen pregnancy populations in the Washington, DC metro area, it was discovered that the need for support services for pregnant teens extended beyond those in the foster care system.

This led to the founders of the organization amending their original business plan to provide specialized services to targeted communities where teen pregnancy populations were high. As a result, Lean On Us Unity House of Faith, was established as a nonprofit organization.

The for-profit entity of Lean On Us Unity serves as a technical assistance provider to agencies and organizations that serve the teen pregnancy population, Lean On Us Unity-House of Faith serves pregnant teens and young adult mothers, directly.