Taking a Stand

Taking a stand is a channel designed to accommodate young mothers bearing one child under the age of five, who have the ability to be responsible and demonstrate good parenting skills. Taking a stand is arranged that mother and child live independently in apartment style setting with the support of Lean On Us Unity as surrogate parents (Mentors). Education is the key, and is first on our list to aid with a promising future. All young mothers are guided to fulfill their general education requirements with maturing to individualized goals by enrolling in college or post-secondary education. All young mothers in this program must have a full or part-time job in addition to completing high school, obtaining a GED, vocational school or attending college.

In order for a young mother to remain in this program she will be continually evaluated for an acceptable level of maturity and growth. She must demonstrate her capabilities for independence, an appropriate level of responsibility and consistently exhibit positive behaviors.

Young Ladies in this program will learn how to live independently by establishing checking accounts, purchasing their own food, preparation of meals and making arrangements for their own transportation. All Young Mothers responsible for paying subsidized rent, utilities, cable and telephone bills. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed on the premises. Residents will be evaluated on a weekly basis to review plans and progress. Upon completion of taking a stand all young mothers will be proven to live successfully on their own in the BIG world.