Outbound Program

The Out (in a direction away from the inside or center) bound (to progress by forward leaps or springs) Program allows teen mothers to move in the direction that will progress them forward in life, giving them the ability to be free from the strongholds of their environment. Most individuals in this program will have some form of family support, but will need additional life skills and parenting support to fully understand how to adjust to their unplanned circumstances. The Outbound Program works in tandem with another organization program.

The Outbound program is currently serving young ladies in the DC, VA and MD regions

Washington DC location: Bishop Alfred A. Owens Family Life Center 605 Rhode Island Ave NE 20002
Virginia Location: Bryant Alternative High School 2709 Popkins Lane Alexandria VA 22306
Maryland Location: 3137 Pensy Drive Landover MD 20785
With the guidance of LOUU’s rigorous curriculum and instruction, each client is expected to have increased

• The Importance of Doctors Visits
• Problems Your Doctor Should Know
• First, Second, and Third Trimester Changes
• Body Changes During Pregnancy
• Prenatal and Self-Care
• Fetal Development
• Birth Control during Pregnancy
• The Effects of Alcohol & Drugs During Pregnancy
• Exercising During Pregnancy
• Personal Development
• Self-Esteem Development
• Developing Positive Relationships
• Effective Communication
• First-Aid/CPR• Nutrition
• Money Management