In 2012, Sanya Jackson, Priscilla Ofosu and Dianeda Short came together with a divinely orchestrated vision as they shared employment at a dental facility in Northern Virginia. Relying on each other’s strong work ethic, they formed a professional trust and bond.

Over the years, the working relationship had been developing in much more than the professional duties they shared, but a sisterhood that would end up turning into a divine purpose. Daily, the three professional women met for lunch to enjoy each other’s company. However, one day of communing led them into a deep, heart-felt discussion as they discussed the plight of teen pregnant girls and young unwed mothers—a situation they each experienced. All three were in tears as they realized they shared an experience and common compassion for an ongoing societal issue.

The three women immediately began brainstorming about how they could lend their support in helping to aid the issue. However, being not just professional women, but women with a strong spiritual foundation, they decided to pray about the issue individually and report back to explain what they felt God was saying to each of them on how to lend their expertise in aiding the issue.

After several days of praying and seeking GOD for direction, each one of them was given a glimpse of their purpose. As they started to write it out—piecing together the vision that was shown to them—the VISION began to unfold and merge. It was so divinely orchestrated that their human minds could not recognize the divine intervention, but they could feel the power of the Holy Spirit positioning them into one cohesive form.

As the women became clearer of their vision—to develop a highly-respected and sought-after organization providing sustainable programs to aid pregnant teens and young adult mothers—they began dedicating time and energy by working diligently to make their VISION a reality. Thus, Lean On Us Unity was birthed.

Since its inception, Priscilla Ofosu and Dianeda Short have served as executive director and director of programs, respectively.

Priscilla Ofosu, Co-Founder, Executive Director

Priscilla Ofosu, R.D.H. serves dual roles as LOUU and LOUU House of Faith’s (under the direction a Board of Directors) Executive Director. Priscilla’s primary duty is managing the administrative operations of both companies ensuring that they are in business and government compliance, as well as ensuring that the nonprofit is operating according to the directives of the bylaws. Priscilla’s expertise is in dental hygiene and upper management operations.

For the past 17 years, Priscilla has worked in the dental field. She graduated President of her class in 2005 from Howard University with a degree in Dental Hygiene. Priscilla prides herself with giving back to the community as she volunteers, annually, with the Give Kids a Smile and MOM’s project.

Priscilla lives in Springfield, VA with her two daughters. When not working, Priscilla enjoys quality time with her family.

Dianeda Short, Co-Founder, Director of Programs

Dianeda Short serves dual roles as LOUU and LOUU House of Faith’s (under the direction of the Board of Directors) Director of Programs. Dianeda’s primary duty is spearheading the development of core programs and managing the operation of each program.

Dianeda’s expertise is in dental care. As an Expanded Function Dental Assistant, she utilizes her expertise by assisting with restoring and creating healthy smiles using modern technology. Dianeda holds a Dental Assistant Degree and X-Ray certification from Applied Career Training.

Dianeda is also a Licensed Therapeutic Foster Parent. Dianeda’s personal and professional expertise as a foster parent is handling challenging teens that come from problematic backgrounds within the Child Protective Service system. Dianeda has a certification in Therapeutic behaviors from Child and Family Services, and is the recipient of the 2010 Foster Parent Award of the Year with Foundations First home care.

Dianeda is also an active member of Liberty House Ministries where she serves as an ordained minister. Her work in the community speaking with the youth group in church about oral home care is done annually. Dianeda lives in Fort Washington, MD with her beloved husband and three beautiful daughters. When not working, Dianeda spends quality time with her family.