Inbound Program

The In (within space, a place) bound (to progress by forward leaps or springs) Program provides teen moms with safe living quarters, aiding them to preserver in the direction that will progress them forward in life, giving them the ability to be free from the strongholds of their environment.

The Inbound Program (Transitional Housing) is separated into three channels of growth steps (Full of Life, Pride and Joy and Taking a Stand). Full of Life and Pride and Joy provide 24-hour care and support onsite while taking a stand is an independent living program with sergeant parents. The goal of the transitional house is to nurture the young mother from “child” to self-sufficient adult/parent. According to research, most pregnant teens and young adult mothers coming into the transitional house will be abandoned by family/friends and will have nowhere else to go.

The Inbound Program is currently under development and will be available for intake in early 2015. LOUU-HOF’s staff and Board are in negotiation for a 30,000 sqft. facility in Springfield, VA, which will include housing, classroom space, and a daycare. A capital campaign is currently underway to purchase the facility.